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Web Care

It's all in the maintenance

Maintaining your website can be a challenge. Content can quickly go stale and software too can get out of date and become vulnerable to security weaknesses.

If you host your website with us, we keep your server and CMS software up to date with regular updates.   

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WebCare packages offering different levels of regular maintenance according to your budget.

Common solutions

Try these solutions to fix common issues

If you get an automatic email message warning you are over quota, most likely your mailbox is full. Please empty your spam folder:

  1. Login to Web Mail with your email address and password.
  2. Click on the Spam folder.
  3. Mark any important messages and click on Not Spam to teach they system and move these to your inbox.
  4. Click on (empty) to delete all the messages in your Spam folder.

Sometimes the text on your website might appear differently to the rest of the website. This can happen if you are copying and pasting website content into your TYPO3 website from Microsoft Word or some other formatted source. 

To prevent unwanted styles use Copy (Ctrl+C / ⌘+C) and Paste and Match Style (Ctrl+Shift+V / ⌘+⇧+V) when copying your content.

To remove unwanted styles, in the content editor click on the remove format option. 

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